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“Raising Your Special Need Child as Christian Parents” approaches raising children via parents who want to apply teaching techniques that are revealed in the Bible. My book will also help lay a foundation for the parents as far as reviewing what it is to be born-again, and that God has given you all you need through the gift holy spirit and in His Word, so you will know what is available from God. Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten son studied the Old Testament and applied the teachings in His life, His Mother taught Him Proverbs and other great areas in the written Bible at that time so He would have a solid foundation of moral ethics to live by. Jesus Christ turned out pretty good, considering how many religions want to emulate not only his love and kindness, but also His mental sharpness.

This book is written to help Christian parents with a special need child to have self confidence and have solid information in not only teaching, but also in that they are not alone. They can utilize the gift holy spirit to ask God for advice in any situation so they don’t have to guess what to do. I believe this book will bless the readers, and enlighten them with how practical God’s Word is today.

SAMPLE CHAPTER: Teaching components for teaching the basics