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Behold, I Have Set Before You A Choice (God has given you a choice to live by the truth of His Word, or to live by the knowledge of this World) Summer or Fall 2019

Jesus Christ, (God’s restoration plan of the ages) taught people how to love God, and how to love others with God’s love. His mission was not only to fulfil the Law, but also to restore the hearts of God’s people to live under a greater law (living in the “spirit” of the Law): the law […]

20+ Benefits Speaking in Tongues Has for You!: (JUST RELEASED!)

(Paperback: 570 pages, $25.00, Kindle $4.00 – Free with Paperback via Matchbook or Kindle Unlimited). I am dedicating this book to everyone who has a desire to honestly look at God’s Word to study the topic of Speaking in Tongues in a detailed and orderly fashion. The more you understand the precision of what holy […]

“Can I Really Speak in Tongues?” ON SALE NOW

  (Paperback: 270 pages $15.00, Kindle $3.00 – Free with Paperback via Matchbook or Kindle Unlimited). To all Christians who have been taught conflicting teachings on what God has made available to the believers after they received the gift holy spirit when they became born again. To those who want to “clear the air” in […]

“Raising Your Special Needs Child as Christian Parents” ON SALE NOW

(Paperback: 230 pages, $11.00, Kindle: $3.00 – Free with the Paperback through Matchbook or Kindle Unlimited). It is finished! After about 1.5 years of writing after my Minister inspired me as he shared his recent writings for his books and suggesting that we write a book about our experiences raising our Special Needs Child. Rev. […]