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20+ Benefits Speaking in Tongues Has for You!: (Release Date: Mid-July 2018)

  I am dedicating this book to everyone who has a desire to honestly look at God’s Word to study the topic of Speaking in Tongues in a detailed and orderly fashion. The more you understand the precision of what holy men wrote as they were moved by the Holy Spirit with not only the […]

ON SALE NOW and revised October 2017

REVISED EDITION AVAILABLE OCT 21, 2017..BOTH FORMATS. (Paperback: $15.00, Kindle $2.99 – Free with Paperback via Matchbook or Kindle Unlimited) To all Christians who have been taught conflicting teachings on what God has made available to the believers after they received the gift holy spirit when they became born again. To those who want to […]

ON SALE NOW and revised October 2017

AMAZON: PAPERBACK & KINDLE REVISED OCTOBER 2017 (Paperback: $11.00, Kindle: $2.99 -Free with the Paperback through Matchbook or Kindle Unlimited) It is finished! After about 1.5 years of writing after my Minister inspired me as he shared his recent writings for his books and suggesting that we write a book about our experiences raising our […]