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(Paperback: 305 pages, $15.00, Kindle $3.00 – Free with Paperback via Matchbook or Kindle Unlimited) Jesus Christ, (God’s restoration plan of the ages) taught people how to love God, and how to love others with God’s love. His mission was not only to fulfil the Law, but also to restore the hearts of God’s people to live under a greater law (living in the “spirit” of the Law): the law of love. This is what His teachings were in the many parables He taught, and those that had the heart to learn, were given the parables meanings, so they could live in God’s love.

Even after Jesus Christ fulfilled the Law and died and was raised from the dead and ascended to the right hand of His father, God. And after the gift of spirit along with the dominion over the Earth (including over Satan) was restored to mankind on the Day of Pentecost, there was still more work to be done. God had provided what He had promised to Adam and Eve in Jesus Christ with a twist. It was this twist that needed to be revealed and connected to living in God’s love as a spiritual family with God the creator as their Father also. The twist was that every believer had the same amount of God’s spirit in them, and it was unconditional, it was permanent, it was seed. Satan could not deceive you, so you could lose it, it is “eternal life” (God’s perspective), it is “everlasting life” (man’s perspective). Every believer has the same power and dominion over Satan and the Earth. It was all reinstated just as Adam and Eve originally had before the disobedience, and then some!

Paul, who killed the new Christians as a prominent religious leader for a legalistic sect of the Jews, a Pharisee, was confronted personally by the ascended Christ and was converted. Paul was told that he was the chosen one to teach the Gentiles the “unsearchable riches of Christ,” and to make all men see the “fellowship of the mystery” which was hidden in God from the beginning. What Paul revealed in the Church Epistles was the greatest redemption plan ever, and he revealed how we could live in God’s love and utilize God’s power from His gift of holy spirit that not only reinstated what Adam and Eve lost but added more capabilities in the category of prayer.

From the first instructions to Adam to not “eat of the tree of good and evil,” Adam had a choice to listen to God and carry out His will, or to listen to the ways of the world that God’s arch enemy tempted Adam and Eve with. The choice was to “Trust God” or “Trust Your Five Senses.” Trusting your five senses would lead to Pride, Ego, Self Righteousness, etc. Trusting God would lead to Peace, Love, Righteousness from God, Self Confidence, etc.

The choice has always involved our ability to weigh the facts and choose the right way to act in any situation.  God’s Way, or the Way of the World. This is called “The Renewed Mind” by Paul in his Epistles. This book explores the renewed in a whole new perspective that will truly bless you and help you apply God’s Word in your life to receive all of God’s benefits.

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20+ Benefits Speaking in Tongues Has for You!: ON SALE NOW

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(Paperback: 570 pages, $22.00, Kindle $4.00 – Free with Paperback via Matchbook or Kindle Unlimited). I am dedicating this book to everyone who has a desire to honestly look at God’s Word to study the topic of Speaking in Tongues in a detailed and orderly fashion. The more you understand the precision of what holy men wrote as they were moved by the Holy Spirit with not only the words that are used but the order that the words are used in. The more you understand all the benefits that God’s Word discloses regarding speaking in tongues the more you will want to make it a part of your daily Christian life.

In my book “Can I Really Speak in Tongues”, I go through every record of speaking in tongues in the book of Acts and I also go through a verse by verse detail of the proper usage of speaking in tongues that are revealed in 1st Corinthians 14.

In this book, I will be going through the benefits of speaking in tongues that I will be discussing in a more detailed manner, so you can fully appreciate the wonderful benefits that God has provided us in this one manifestation. Speaking in tongues is perhaps the best way to keep your communication line open to God, and the best way to protect your inner desires of your heart.

I believe that by the time you finish this book, you will have a fuller understanding of not only what speaking in tongues does but that you should make it your basis for prayer and power in your Christian life. Speaking in tongues is one of the most versatile manifestations we have that has so many applications, the best way to teach it is to break it down into easily digestible chapters for each application. I am believing this book will enrich your understanding on the topic of speaking in tongues in ways that will build you up and establish you more and more in your Christian faith.


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“Can I Really Speak in Tongues?” ON SALE NOW


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(Paperback: 270 pages $15.00, Kindle $3.00 – Free with Paperback via Matchbook or Kindle Unlimited). To all Christians who have been taught conflicting teachings on what God has made available to the believers after they received the gift holy spirit when they became born again. To those who want to “clear the air” in their own understanding concerning the conflicting religious views and false doctrine regarding the different parts of the gift holy spirit (the nine manifestations) and who receives them.

This book will show you via evidence in The Word of God, that what God made available on the Day of Pentecost, is still available with the same fullness and the same power as the new born again believers in the first century church. And utilized after the resurrection of Jesus Christ and after the pouring out of the gift holy spirit on Pentecost, by Speaking In Tongues by the twelve Apostles. (Acts 2: 1-12) Speaking In Tongues was the first manifestation the new Christians utilized after becoming born again in the first century church. Maybe there is a message here for current believers to emulate concerning what we should do after we receive the gift holy spirit.

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“Raising Your Special Needs Child as Christian Parents” ON SALE NOW

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(Paperback: 230 pages, $11.00, Kindle: $3.00 – Free with the Paperback through Matchbook or Kindle Unlimited). It is finished! After about 1.5 years of writing after my Minister inspired me as he shared his recent writings for his books and suggesting that we write a book about our experiences raising our Special Needs Child. Rev. Jon O. Nessle has been my consultant and mentor throughout my writing and biblical research I needed to do to open up the scriptures for the reader.

“Raising Your Special Need Child as Christian Parents” approaches raising children via parents who want to apply teaching techniques that are revealed in the Bible. My book will also help lay a foundation for the parents as far as reviewing what it is to be born-again, and that God has given you all you need through the gift holy spirit and in His Word, so you will know what is available from God. Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten son studied the Old Testament and applied the teachings in His life, His Mother taught Him Proverbs and other great areas in the written Bible at that time so He would have a solid foundation of moral ethics to live by. Jesus Christ turned out pretty good, considering how many religions want to emulate not only his love and kindness, but also His mental sharpness.

This book is written to help Christian parents with a special need child to have self confidence and have solid information in not only teaching, but also in that they are not alone. They can utilize the gift holy spirit to ask God for advice in any situation so they don’t have to guess what to do. I believe this book will bless the readers, and enlighten them with how practical God’s Word is today.

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