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The book of Acts records the birth of the Christian Church and the growth of the believers as they learned what it meant to live as a Christian believer. Once we are born again by receiving the gift of holy spirit, we need to know what we do next to live as a Christian. After Peter’s first sermon, is recorded what the new Christian believers did to continue their personal growth in this new family and learn how to use their gift of holy spirit as the Apostles were using it in their lives. If we want to get back to walking with the same love and power that the first Christians (original Christians) lived in, then we will need to rediscover the foundation of their lifestyle choices to grow in their new Christian faith that started on the Day of Pentecost.

Acts 2:41-47 reveals two foundational categories of growth for the individual believer and for the growth of church as a body of believers. Within these categories are lifestyle choices we need to make to personally grow and help grow our fellowship of believers as a family of God. These lifestyle choices are necessary for every believer and fellowship to mature and grow in the family of God. When the believers start seeing the bigger cause, to serve the other believers, to help others understand The Word of God, then there will be growth in the individual and in the fellowship, the family of God. These seven verses hold all the main ingredients needed to build a foundation for the growth of the individual and for the fellowship, the body of believers.


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