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Can I Really Speak in Tongues? Available late 2016

Is Speaking in Tongues Relevant to the 21st century?

My second book is now started, and will lay out what is available to believers after becoming born again.


To all Christians who have been taught conflicting teachings on what God has made available to the believers after they received the gift holy spirit when they became born again.   To those who want to “clear the air” in their own understanding concerning the conflicting religious views and false doctrine regarding the different parts (manifestations) of the gift holy spirit and who receives them.
This book will show you via evidence in The Word of God, that what God made available on the Day of Pentecost, is still available with the same fullness and the same power as the new born again believers in the first century church utilized after the resurrection of Jesus Christ and after the pouring out of the gift holy spirit on Pentecost, and shown forth by the first evidence in public by Speaking In Tongues by the twelve Apostles. (Acts 2: 1-12) Speaking In Tongues was the first manifestation the new Christians utilized after becoming born again in the first century church. Maybe there is a message here for current believers to emulate concerning what we should do after we receive the gift holy spirit.




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