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Raising Your Special Needs Child as Christian Parents: Available Jan/Feb 2016

Chapter One Preview in Full

1: Things to Expect with Special Needs Children


All special needs children will have genetic issues the parents have no control over that can be traced by a family history. In the case of autism, (what my son has), it usually takes about 2-4 years to tell something is wrong. Autism is suspected to be a genetic and environmental disorder at the publishing of this book in the medical world.1 The medical field is working on what genes may be involved. It is a disorder in the brain where speech, behavioral and other areas are shut down or minimized, and so is the ability for the body to produce the needed enzymes or proteins to allow these areas to function normally throughout their life. So, there is a very high possibility that your child will need medication to provide them a way to maintain a fairly normal mindset throughout the day.

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